BES Commercial Gas Price Freeze

Monday, April 14, 2014

BES Commercial Gas Price Freeze

As price freezing becomes the strategy-du-jour for energy companies, we can announce that we have been way ahead of the game for months - and will continue to be so - with electricity prices for our customers remaining locked since April 2013. Our prices will remain set for our customers until at least October this year: which means a steady 18 months of worry free bills for customers.

BES is attacking gas prices too by freezing those prices until at least the upcoming winter months. The BES Gas budget plan already shakes up the market by running a fixed monthly billing system to help customers plan energy consumption as a flat rate across the year so all this will come as welcome news to small businesses worrying about rising overheads and an uncertain economic climate.

We can announce our long-term commitment to business users this week as controversy over responsible energy pricing hits new heights. Our newly appointed CEO, Ben Jones, explains why our commitment to our customers is a genuinely user-focused strategy:

"BES Utilities are 100% committed to enabling small businesses in the UK to plan and grow without the unpredictability of energy costs.

Our decision to price freeze is transparent and customer focused. It is worth noting that bigger providers who operate in the Domestic market have historically been subject to the cost of wider government charges, such as the ECO levy, for some time.

Recent announcements have failed to highlight that such levies have been dramatically reduced by the coalition government meaning that the Big Six are in prime position to pass savings back on to the consumer. As a smaller independent supplier, we were never subject to these charges and so our freeze on pricing is a customer driven initiative only to encourage British business growth."