BES Utilities leading the way for fair and transparent sales

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Commercial utility supplier, BES Utilities, today announced it is championing fair, honest and transparent sales by taking the ground breaking decision to provide customers with access to ‘front end’ recordings of phone calls made by third party energy brokers.

BES is the first non-domestic energy supplier to so far take this step and it hopes that other companies will follow suit in an effort to drive out what it believes to be clear malpractice by several of the circa 1,000 brokerages operating throughout the UK.

Andy Pilley, Managing Director, said, "We recently carried out some market research by 'mystery shopping' various brokerages and, based on our findings, we believe that in the best interests of customers and the energy industry, we need to take a stand.

"We feel that our only option is to demand that the brokers we work with share 'front end' recordings upon request, including negotiations with customers, rather than just the short contract validation element which is currently relied upon by suppliers.

"We have shared our findings with fellow suppliers and industry stakeholders, as we feel more needs to be done collectively to tackle this problem.

"In the meantime, we hope that other suppliers will follow BES' lead so that we can raise standards across the market."

At present, when verbal energy contracts are agreed by businesses, there is no requirement for suppliers to receive the front end recording from brokers.

As such, there can often be complaints regarding what the brokerage may have told the customer prior to the contract recording being started.

BES has in place a large number of compliance measures which go above and beyond its obligations, including a post-sale comfort call, but it still believes that more needs to be done by the industry as a whole to tackle this problem.