BES staff take part in the Fleetwood 10K to raise funds for local mental health group, “Men’s Shed Fleetwood”

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We’re really proud of you and delighted that your generous friends and colleagues at BES helped to raise such a fantastic amount!

Matt’s story: 

“I first decided to run the Fleetwood 10k to set myself a personal target, mainly just to get myself fit and to give me a goal to work towards.  

After a few recent tragic deaths in my hometown of Fleetwood I also saw an opportunity to try and help out the local community, particularly in relation to men’s mental health awareness.

I took the decision to raise money for a new community group, “Men’s Shed Fleetwood”, who are currently raising funds to achieve charity status and set up a permanent base within Fleetwood.  

The group was set up to support local men who need some support with poor mental health. It was a challenge but I completed the 10K and was thrilled to have managed it – it was great to have my daughter waiting at the finish line for me! 

With the amazing support of my family, friends and colleagues I have raised over £600.00 to help “Men’s Shed Fleetwood” to help achieve their goal, plus I haves achieved my personal target of completing the 10K. 

If the money raised can even help support one person in the community, then it’s a job well done as far as I’m concerned. Everyone has been so kind with their donations and I know that all the money raised will be very much appreciated.”

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