Everything you need to know about smart meters

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The government’s Industrial Strategy is vital for the development of a more energy-efficient smart energy system, which delivers secure, cheap and clean energy.

Upgrading to smart meters is part of a national commitment within the UK to reduce our energy usage, and part of this is ensuring smart meters are installed in all businesses by 2020.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters record your gas or electricity usage, sending real-time meter readings to your energy company via a sim card in the meter. These readings are received every half an hour so your bills will be accurate as you’ll only be charged for the energy you have used.

Benefits of a smart meter

  • Safe and secure – smart meters use a secure wireless network to transmit your business’ energy data
  • Convenient – meter readings are sent automatically so you do not have to remember to give one yourself
  • Accurate billing – based on actual readings and therefore reduces the impact of estimated invoices
  • Better service – it allows your energy provider to give tailored and personal energy-saving advice
  • Free – installation of your smart meter at your business is completely free!

How can you get a smart meter?

To request a smart meter, just call BES customer services team on 0344 5678 427 who will arrange an appointment for one to be fitted in your business premises.

Reading your meter

The smart meter will automatically provide us with reads most of the time, however, on the odd occasion, you may need to provide us with a read which is simple and easy to do. There should be a button on the meter which reads ‘select’ or ‘display’ which when pressed will take you through all the relevant information such as date, time and most importantly meter reading.

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