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Moving premises? Here is what you need to let your energy company know

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Below is the change of tenancy (CoT) process, and an explanation of the details we will need to process the change on our records. This is to ensure you are only charged for the period you are responsible for the property.

What happens when you move out?

When you move premises, your current energy contract ceases from the date you move. Business energy contracts are linked to the supply point, which means your current deal won’t transfer over to your new address. To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible when moving premises one month’s notice is recommended.

Let us know about a CoT by completing and returning our Business Move Form to new.cotclaims@besutilities.co.uk, or use our online form.

You can also get in contact with us:

On the day you move out, take a meter reading at both the old premises and your new premises and provide us with this information so we can ensure your bills are accurate.

What happens when you move in?

Be sure to let us know your new address and the date your lease or ownership begins. This way we can determine whether we already manage the energy supply of these premises. If this is the case, we will ask you if you would like both gas and electricity.

If we do not currently manage the energy of this property, we will require supporting documentation to confirm that you are the new tenant and are responsible for the energy contracts. This can involve contacting either the previous or new tenant to request proof of the move, which can take the form of either a Premises License or information on current Business Rates.

Has your supply been disconnected?

When you move into your new premises, you might find that the supply has been disconnected. This could be due you the previous tenant not paying their bills or cancelling their contract, and in this case, you may have to pay a reconnection fee or an additional deposit. If you are unsure about whether your supply is disconnected, contact our Metering Team who can check this for you.

What information will you need to provide?

To help us to process a CoT as quickly and efficiently as possible and to protect you from being charged unnecessarily, we need to obtain certain information. We may also attempt to verify a CoT request via an outbound call to your business landline, or with the landlord of the premises. This additional due diligence is carried out as best practice and in order to safeguard customers from potentially fraudulent requests.

Below is a list of the information we may require to help us verify any change of occupancy. We may ask you for one, or a combination of the following:

  • Copy of the new lease agreement for the property
  • Copy of the business rates for the property
  • Copy of public liability insurance for the property
  • Copy of your identification (passport or driving license)
  • Meter reading(s) from the change of tenancy date
  • Contact details including contact number for the landlord of the property
  • Contact details including contact number for the outgoing or incoming tenant
  • Two contact telephone numbers

Please send the above information to BES Utilities as soon as possible so that we can process any change quickly and efficiently, and ensure your bills are accurate.

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