Our Treating Customers Fairly Report for 2015

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At BES Utilities, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Each year, we publish a report to outline the efforts we go to ensure customers receive a service which is fair, honest, transparent, professional and appropriate.

This year’s report is available here, or upon request from our Customer Service team, free of charge.

Within this report, we will tell you what you can expect from us, including billing and payment information, as well as how you can let us know about any queries or complaints you may have.

Launching the new report, Joel Chapman, Head of Regulation & Compliance at BES, said:

“BES is committed to treating customers fairly, and we’ve invested heavily over the last 12 months in recruiting extra staff, rolling out training and improving our systems and processes, to ensure that our customers receive a first class service, at all times.”

“We’re always listening to customer feedback and have more planned enhancements for the remainder of this year, helping to ensure BES stays at the forefront of the commercial utilities market.”

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