Carbon-Neutral Gas

Carbon-Neutral Gas is a net-zero CO2 (carbon dioxide) product available to all BES customers.

This is achieved by balancing the emission of carbon dioxide from burning natural gas (for use by a business), with its removal from the atmosphere, and by reducing or eliminating emissions.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is used to compensate for carbon emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere. Carbon offsets are created by financing projects that reduce Carbon emissions or absorb carbon dioxide (CO2).
These could be initiatives that fund renewable energy projects like wind/hydro/solar power. They can also be projects that help to absorb carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere such as land and forests.

How do BES determine carbon emission?

BES determine a customer’s carbon dioxide emission by using billed natural gas consumption. From this we can determine how much carbon dioxide this is emitting into the atmosphere. We can then offset against this value by investing in the projects mentioned above.

Renewable energy certificate:

When a customer signs up to BES’s Green Gas product, they’ll be given our specially designed certificate and logo.

Displaying this in the workplace or on letterheads and email footers demonstrates to the customers clients and stakeholders their renewable energy credentials. It will also show their company’s positive commitment to sustainable values. 

Interested in a carbon offset product?

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