Important customer security message: We are aware of a number of customers recently being targeted by calls from an unknown third party, claiming to be BES Utilities.  Please remain vigilant and, if you have any concerns about the identity of a caller, please contact us immediately.  You should not disclose your personal or business details unless you are confident you are speaking with a genuine caller.  

We are enhancing our procedures in response to this fraudulent behaviour, which means we may require more information from you before carrying out certain requests (for example, updating contact details or opening/closing accounts).  We appreciate your patience as we work hard to keep your information safe.

For additional security, we recommend setting up a password on your account in order to help with identification.

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BES Utilities is one of the UK's most customer-minded energy suppliers in the commercial gas and electricity sectors and are a low-cost solution to everyday business and corporate gas and electricity customers.

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