Highest levels of service
We provide our customers with the highest levels of service and quality, striving to continually exceed expectations.
Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement to the services and products we offer is the key to our commitment to our customers and the sustained growth of our business.
Honesty and fairness
We demonstrate honesty and fairness in our actions and deliver on our promises. We are committed to doing what’s best for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

One of the UK’s leading commercial energy suppliers

We offer a low-cost solution to small and medium sized businesses through to corporate energy customers, and we pride ourselves on delivering consistently high levels of customer service and innovative products to companies and organisations across all industries.

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Renewable Energy

In a bid to tackle climate change and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, we have a renewable electricity product which is affordable and available to everyone.

Rated 'Excellent'

We are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with 4 stars, thanks to over 8,000 customer reviews. Our goal is to provide the highest levels of customer service, and we are always looking for ways to improve, so customer feedback is invaluable.

Commitment to Customers

Our customers come first, and we pride ourselves on providing a service which is fair, transparent, honest, and professional. Going above and beyond our customers’ expectations is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Carbon Neutral

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being Carbon Neutral mean?

Being Carbon Neutral means that the amount of Carbon Emissions being put into the atmosphere are the same as the amount of Carbon Emissions being taken out of the atmosphere. Therefore this means that the impact on the atmosphere is Neutral.

How are we being Carbon Neutral?

We are carbon-neutral as we supply our sites with Renewable Electricity and Carbon-Offset Gas. We also offset fuel emissions of the vehicles used by our sales agents.

Our smart meter commitment

We want to play our part in ensuring the UK’s energy infrastructure is fit for the next generation, and we understand how much our customers value receiving a bill that’s correct and only charges them for the energy they’ve used. This is why we’ve been installing smart meters free of charge, for over ten years. We’re committed to giving our customers the best smart meter experience with hassle free installation, so you can save time and energy.

Say hello to YourGym

BES Utilities has been YourGym’s electricity supplier since they opened in November 2017, and with top of the range equipment and unique mood lighting throughout, they rely heavily on BES’ competitive rates and first-class service.

Community Matters

Here at BES, we’re committed to reinvesting our time and resources in support of community initiatives and worthy causes, at both a local and national level, and our employees love nothing more than getting involved in fundraising for charity.

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