Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) for Businesses

The government has announced a new Energy Bill Relief Scheme that aims to help businesses with rising energy costs. Under the scheme, the government will provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices for all eligible non-domestic customers. 

You can find more information about the Government scheme by following the link below:

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: help for businesses and other non-domestic customers 


We are currently working through the details of the scheme and will update our website with information as it becomes available. 

At this stage, we do know the scheme will apply to energy usage between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2023, running for an initial six-month period. The government has advised they will review the scheme after the first three months as there may be an option to extend the scheme for longer to support businesses that need it most such.  However, at this time we don’t know what business this may apply to.

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: discounts for fixed, default and variable contracts 

The scheme will be available to non-domestic energy customers that are:

  • businesses
  • voluntary sector organisations, such as charities
  • public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and care homes

who are:

  • on existing fixed price contracts that were agreed on or after 1 December 2021
  • signing new fixed price contracts after 1 October 2022
  • on deemed / out of contract or variable tariffs

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme will be subject to parliamentary approval over the coming weeks. Energy Suppliers will need to amend their billing systems to implement the changes once passed by parliament. All eligible customers will receive their discounts and any rebates due once these changes have been confirmed and implemented.

If you have received your October invoice without a discount and believe you are eligible, don’t worry we are finalising the details of this scheme and we’ll apply the discount to all eligible bills retrospectively to make sure you’re not missing out. Please continue to pay your bills as normal. Our agents are currently unable to provide further assistance around this at this time.

Last updated: 03/11/2022

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