Policy on Electricity and Gas Theft

At BES Utilities, we are committed to detecting and reporting cases of potential or actual energy theft.

The theft of energy is serious problem, which not only impacts on customers’ prices, but it also has potential safety and criminal implications for anyone interfering with electricity and gas meters or connections.

Identifying Theft

BES receives information regarding potential cases of energy theft via a number of different sources, including from our customers, third party agents and so called “tip-offs”.  We may also become aware of a theft case if the amount of electricity or gas being consumed at a business property changes unexpectedly.

Reporting Theft

From March 2016, like all energy suppliers, BES will be obliged to report cases of suspected or actual theft to a central Theft Risk Assessment Service.  We will also continue to refer individual cases to regional Revenue Protection Teams, who will carry out site visits and take any appropriate action to make the supply safe and prevent any further loss.

Meter tampering is extremely dangerous. If you believe someone has interfered with their meter or is attempting to defraud their energy supplier, it’s important that you report this as soon as possible via the national Stay Energy Safe service. You can report any concerns anonymously via their website here, or call free on 0800 023 2777. Please don’t underestimate the potential dangers meter tampering can cause.

For more information visit the Stay Energy Safe website. Alternatively, if your concerns relate to a property supplied by BES, please contact us as soon as possible.


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