Making sense of the current energy market news…

You may have seen lots in the news recently about rising energy prices, supply shortages and some suppliers exiting the market, but what does this mean for our customers? 

Current global wholesale energy prices are increasing and this year alone electricity and gas wholesale costs have risen by over 200% and 114% respectively.  This is due to high demand and less supply being available as homes and businesses recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Some energy suppliers have ceased trading because they can’t afford to buy energy at the increased cost, plus companies who supply household customers have to comply with a price cap, which means they are being forced to sell energy for less than they are paying to purchase it on the wholesale market. 

Here at BES Utilities, we’re pleased to confirm that our position remains strong, as we are not affected in the same way as our domestic competitors.  

If you are a BES customer and have any specific questions or concerns about your own prices, or your ability to pay, please contact us.

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