Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP)

At BES, we appreciate how valuable your time is. We work with our industry regulator, Ofgem, to ensure we meet certain Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSoP), which relate to visits to your property.

In the unlikely event we fail to meet these Standards due to a failure by BES or one of our third party metering agents, we will make a GSoP payment to you of £30.00. This amount will be credited to the relevant gas or electricity account.

We have in place a process to identify any failures and we will contact you in writing to confirm if a payment is made; however, if you do have any concerns about the making and keeping of metering appointments then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

BES is a member of The Industrial and Commercial Shippers and Suppliers (ICoSS) group. You can find more information about our obligations under these Guaranteed Standards of Performance on the ICoSS website.

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