Managing your account

You’ll find all our FAQs relating to managing your account

Your current electricity rate is shown on your monthly invoices.

The term of your contract can be found in your welcome pack with the contract prices (at point of sale) along with your agreed rates.

Direct Debit is the only payment option available to our customers. To complete a Direct Debit mandate, please clickĀ here.

A copy of our complaints procedure can be foundĀ here.

Your current gas price is shown on your monthly invoices.

If your contracted rates have changed then you will be on a variable rate product. We will charge you the agreed rate for the duration of your contract, unless there is a significant change in either the price of wholesale gas/electricity or other industry charges. This means that your prices may rise, or fall, throughout the lifetime of the contract, depending on what is happening in the wider energy market. If you are still unclear, please feel free to contact our customer services team who are more than happy to help with any additional queries.

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