£1000 raised for Movember

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Throughout November, our fantastic team, family and friends managed to raise a fantastic £1000 (and counting), reaching our initial goal for the Movember Foundation.

This was only possible through our incredible fundraisers, who set up a number of charity events, including The Shave Down at the beginning of the month, in which our volunteers took part in a cut-throat shave to prepare for a month of moustache-growing.

Our fathers, brothers and friends face a crisis that isn’t being talked about: men are dying before their time and for no good reason. We can’t afford to stay silent – there’s a job to be done. The Movember Foundation have funded more than a thousand men’s health programmes, and with your support, they’ll continue to fight for a world where men live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Although we’ve reached our goal, you can still donate and be part of something great using this link: https://moteam.co/bes-group

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