BES freezes its electricity prices (again)

Leading business energy supplier BES Utilities has announced it is freezing its electricity rates until at least April 2015. Having also frozen its prices last year, it is now 2 years since BES electricity customers were last affected by a price increase, helping protect them from higher rates over the winter period. BES believes this makes it the only commercial electricity supplier in the country to have frozen its prices over a two-year period.

CEO, Ben Jones, said: “At BES we recognise that these are still tough economic times for small businesses, so we’re pleased to be able to announce that, once again, our price freeze means our customers can have peace of mind over the winter. Despite our costs increasing we’ve taken the decision, as part of our price review, to absorb this rise internally rather than pass it on to our customers.”

Director of BES, Michelle Davidson, comments: “We’re safeguarding customers from rising electricity costs for the third consecutive price review, even though our own costs have risen. We’re continuing to take the fight to the ‘big 6’ companies and we believe we’re the only business supplier to have frozen electricity prices for a 2 year period.”

BES is an independent supplier dedicated to providing innovative energy and telecoms products, as well as a first class service, to businesses across the UK.

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