BES’ Managing Director, Andy Pilley, to attend Downing Street reception

Local entrepreneur and also Chairman of Fleetwood Town Football Club, Andy Pilley, is thrilled to have been invited to a reception at 11 Downing Street, hosted by the Chancellor, George Osborne.

The Chancellor is leading a government programme to create a new ‘Northern economic powerhouse’ and next week’s event has been organised as an opportunity for business leaders to share their views and insight with MPs and government officials.

As well as operating as the Chairman of Fleetwood Town Football Club, Andy Pilley owns several businesses in the North-West region, including BES Utilities, a leading commercial energy and telecom supplier.

This invitation from the Chancellor is especially timely, given BES Utilities’ recent announcement that they intend to be the first supplier to cut electricity prices by 7% in April this year, resulting in significant savings for its small business customers. This decision was announced just days after Mr Osborne’s comments in the media regarding the need for energy customers to benefit from the recent drop in the price of oil.

Speaking today, Andy Pilley said:

“This invitation from the Chancellor is a fantastic opportunity for me to share my views on how the Government can achieve its goal of bringing more powers and economic security to the North-West, and I’m honoured to be able to represent the local community at this event.

“I’ve been involved in local business for many years and can’t wait to bring the benefit of my experience to the table, including views from a range of industries – energy, tourism and professional football.”

“This is also a chance for me to reiterate the need for more energy suppliers to follow the lead announced by BES Utilities last week, reducing prices for customers when they need it most. This week I have written to the Chancellor and other leading politicians to offer my support for price cuts and also my advice on how BES has achieved this as a smaller, independent supplier, when many of the ‘big 6’ companies are reluctant to do so.”

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