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If you ‘Love Fleetwood’ we need your help

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Dave McPartlin, Headteacher at Flakefleet Primary School in Fleetwood, is on a mission to improve the town by working in partnership with local businesses and individuals within the community.

In order to shape the future of the town, the people who live here are best-placed to work out what Fleetwood needs and to make it happen – and that’s where ‘Love Fleetwood’ comes in.

Dave is looking to gather a group of local individuals and businesses called ‘Love Fleetwood’, who will first meet at Fleetwood Town Football Club to discuss ways in which they can make a positive difference.

“Since Flakefleet’s Britain’s Got Talent debut last year, we’ve been overwhelmed with the kindness and support we’ve received from the community and we’ll do all we can to give something back,” said Dave. “It would be wonderful if members of the local community could give up a little bit of their time and pull together to work out what we can do to improve the town, for it to thrive once again, and we’re hoping ‘Love Fleetwood’ will be the platform for this. Who better to help change the future of the town than those who live and work here?”

“A huge thank you to Fleetwood Town for working with us and providing a venue for our first meeting. Together we can make a huge difference.”

Andy Pilley, Chairman of Fleetwood Town Football Club, and Co-owner and Director of BES, said:

“When Dave contacted us and asked if he could use the stadium for his ‘Love Fleetwood’ initiative, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. Fleetwood Town is an integral part of the local community, and as the football club and BES Utilities are two of the largest employers in the area, we’re proud to be a part of this new initiative as making a positive difference and supporting the local community is part of our ethos.

“We wish Dave all the success, and we look forward to seeing you all at the first meeting next week.”

The first meeting for ‘Love Fleetwood’ will take place on Wednesday 18th September from 7-8pm in the Parkside Suite, Highbury Stadium. Anyone can come along and hear from Dave about his vision and find out how they can get involved.   

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