New guide to support Britain’s hospitality sector

Here at BES, we realise that these are tough times for everyone, in particular the hospitality sector, so we’re working alongside Smart Energy GB to provide practical advice on ways that you can take back some control.

Smart Energy GB, the UK government-backed campaign for a smarter Britain, has brought together key figures from the industry who have shared their tips, which are presented in a free, downloadable guide – Hospitality – Take Time, Take Control.

Nearly three quarters of small hospitality business owners say the pandemic has had a negative impact on their finances, more than a quarter are worried their business will not survive beyond Christmas, and over two thirds say the situation has had a damaging impact on their mental health.

The guide is intended to help small business owners identify ways they can react to recent changes, find new or alternative methods of doing business, and take back some control of the things that are within their power during this difficult time.

It includes suggestions on how business owners can take care of their emotional health plus simple, affordable business tips from 11 well-known industry figures, including TV’s favourite barman and publican Merlin Griffiths; founder of the prestigious Little Venice Cake Company, Mich Turner MBE; co-founder of the innovative, market-leading travel club Mr & Mrs Smith, James Lohan MB; the Institute of Hospitality and Hospitality Action. 

Advice includes stripping back complexity, finding co-branding opportunities, retaining staff and taking control of energy costs with a smart meter.

“As a small business owner, I’ve really felt the financial impact of the pandemic – and I hope that by sharing my experience, I can offer a bit of support to others who are struggling to keep their livelihood intact,” said Merlin Griffiths.

“The stress of running a small business during tough times is heightened by knowing that your decisions have a direct effect on your staff and their families. While there’s no magic wand to solve every problem, there is some simple, pragmatic advice that owners can take on board in the coming months.

“Taking control of the small things – such as staying in touch with your customers, looking after your team, and having simple devices installed, like a smart meter to give you accurate bills – can make a big difference.”

Robert Cheesewright, Director at Smart Energy GB, said:

“In uncertain times it can often be difficult to know how to take back a bit of control and which steps will benefit your business. Our guide is designed to provide advice on things owners can do now, and on a minimal budget.

“More than four-fifths of the business owners we surveyed said having more certainty about their estimated costs, including energy, would help them feel in more control. One simple step you can take to get control over your business’ energy spend is by getting a smart meter installed. Smart meters give you accurate bills for your business, so each month, you only have to pay for the energy you actually use.” 

Hospitality – Take Time, Take Control is available to download for free here.

Smart meters are available to many small businesses and installations are happening now. They provide you with accurate bills, so each month, you only pay for the energy you actually use. They are also helping Britain reach its low carbon target. The data that smart meters generate allows the people that run Britain’s energy system to understand when, where, and how much energy is being used, which enables them to plan better, reduce wasted energy, and ultimately bring about a flexible system that can use greener sources of energy.

Here at BES, we are committed to providing all of our electricity customers with a smart meter, free of charge. If you’re a BES customer and would like to take control of your energy consumption, simply contact us on 0344 5678 427 and request a smart meter.

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