Save money on your energy bills this Spring

After a year of uncertainty, businesses need to stay on top of their finances, ensuring there is no unessential overspending. Several sectors will be able to open their doors once again to excited customers and clients on 12th April and with many things to consider we wanted to make sure that saving energy doesn’t have to be one of them. 

We have compiled three main things each sector can do to reduce their energy consumption in the day to day running’s of the business:


  • Lighting – switch all your lightbulbs for energy-saving LEDs. Installing timer switches or motion sensors in toilets and stockrooms can also help to reduce your electricity costs
  • Refrigeration – Fridges and freezers should be located away from the hot kitchen. ensure refrigeration temperatures are set correctly and review the condition of the door seals. Keep fridge doors closed as much as possible – install door closers or alarms to prevent staff members from accidentally leaving the fridge/freezer doors open.
  • Review equipment – check your current equipment and see what you could save. A new machine could save money and energy. induction hobs are more energy-efficient than a traditional electric hob. Consider fitting old equipment with devices that automatically switch off or turn down equipment, when not in use.


  • Turn off music and televisions – if the numbers are low in your gym throughout the day turn the music off, many people listen to their own music through headphones anyway. Make sure at the end of the day that TVs are turned off at the wall as opposed to being on standby.
  • Use less air-con – if it is possible, open a window instead of putting the air-con on. This will eliminate the need to adjust the temperature from one extreme to another as members finish their workout and staff start to feel cold.
  • Restrict your opening times – look back at attendance levels and see if there are any reoccurring trends, it’s likely you’re busy in the mornings and evening throughout the week. Closing for a few hours in the day can help to reduce your energy costs.


  • Maintain your boiler – a boiler that’s not regularly maintained could increase tour energy consumption by up to 30%. If your boiler is regularly serviced and working effectively, you could cut up to 10% off your annual heating bill.
  • Switch your tools off – tools and equipment left on standby is an easy way to power through energy. It’s easy to forget to turn off appliances when you’re busy with clients but it will make a difference.
  • Limit laundry loads and wash cooler – where possible wash towels on a cold or cooler wash. Salon hygiene is incredibly important, so it may be that you prefer to wash on a hot wash, to save energy try to rinse at a cooler temperature.


  • Educate staff – include staff in the process of reducing your energy costs, ensure they’re aware of all the benefits of appropriate energy management. One of the best ways to encourage and reinforce energy-efficient working practices is to incentivise members of staff.
  • No open-door policy – many retailers leave their doors open to entice customers inside, but this can have a huge impact on energy wastage and consumption. Understandably many retailers would be hesitant to do this but installing automatic or revolving doors could be the solution.
  • Building – upgrade your building to conserve heat, install self-adhesive thermal strips around doors and windows to reduce draughts. You can retain up to 25% more heat in your building by improving roof insulation.

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