Welcome news for businesses as BES Utilities cuts electricity prices

BES Utilities is delighted to announce that, from this month, the company is cutting electricity prices by over 10%, which is fantastic news for its business customers during these challenging times.

With effect from their April 2020 invoice, customers on BES’ electricity market tracker product will receive a price reduction, ranging between 8% and 11% depending on the customer’s location and meter type, with an average reduction of 9.29%.

BES Utilities reviews the costs incurred for supplying its market tracker customers every April and October, and based on a number of factors, the price customers pay can then rise, remain the same, or fall, as they have done on this occasion, depending on what is happening in the wider energy market.  The last BES market tracker price reduction took place in April last 2019, when customers benefitted from cuts of up to 11%.

“Since our previous price review in October last year, we have seen a steady reduction in the wholesale cost of energy, so although some of our other costs have risen during this period, we’re pleased that overall, we can pass on a welcome reduction to our customers,” said BES owner and Chairman, Andy Pilley.

“This latest price cut has come just at the right time, as we continue to do all we can to support our business customers through the unprecedented financial challenges caused by COVID-19.”

BES believes its market tracker product is the best way to ensure customers pay a price which reflects what is happening in the wider energy market at the time, however, it also offers a range of fixed price contacts for those who prefer price certainty for the duration of their agreement.   More information can be found on the company’s website besutilities.co.uk.

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