Generation of renewables surpassed fossil fuels for the first year ever

New statistics released by the government show that renewables provided 42.9% of the UK’s electricity last year, while fossil fuels generated 38.5%. This is big news as it shows the countries progression towards a net-zero future.

The analysis notes that last year was a record low for use of fossil fuels in comparison to 2010 when fossil fuels accounted for 75.4% of shares.

Wind generation

The highest increase of renewables in the electricity mix came from offshore wind generation, this was mainly driven by the high wind speeds that occurred over the year. Almost a quarter of the UK’s total electricity needs were provided by onshore and offshore wind generation, and wind power accounted for more than half of the UK’s renewable power.

Reduced energy consumption

The total energy consumption in 2020 was 13% lower than the year before, another record low was transport energy consumption that was reduced by 28%. Both of these reductions are a result of the Covid-19 restrictions that meant most industries, commercial services and transport demand was reduced.

Moving towards net-zero 

We’re committed to helping our customers reduce their emissions, shaping a net-zero future for the UK. Your business can play a part in helping the UK reduce polluting emissions by getting a smart meter installed in your business, understanding what you can do to save energy and investing in renewable sources.

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