The Business Energy Solutions Fund

Supporting customers through touch economic times

At BES, we understand that these are tough economic times for our businesses customers. As a responsible supplier, we aim to do everything we can to help customers find expert help and support for debt and cash-flow problems, which is why we joined forces with Business Debtline. Read more about our referral partnership with Business Debtline.

In September 2015, BES went one step further and created The Business Energy Solutions Fund – a market leading initiative which is designed to help our struggling commercial gas and electricity customers to stay afloat by freezing and writing-off historic debts, provided the customer can demonstrate a commitment to getting back on track with their payments. 

The Business Energy Solutions Fund is independently managed by a company called Charis Grants, who administer schemes for several leading energy and water companies.

Applying for an award is simple and you can do this online here. There are some basic criteria which you will need to meet before your application can be considered:

• You must be a current customer of BES and have been for at least 12 months
• You must have contacted Business Debtline for independent debt advice and completed a budget sheet (you will be asked to supply a copy of this when applying)

To contact Business Debtline, freephone 0800 197 6026 or you can reach them online at

The Business Energy Solutions Fund is a provisional scheme, which means that, if you are successful, your BES debt will be temporarily placed on hold. You will be asked to pay your next three monthly invoices on time and, once this has been done, BES will clear your historic balance, meaning you can get back on track and focus on what’s important – running your business.

More information is available here.

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